Law of Attraction and Power of Manifestation

There is so much already talked about and written about Law of Attraction and Power of Manifestation that anything besides my own experience about the subject will be of no interest to anyone!
But still with my experience and knowledge i have compiled some teachings i gathered from various authors.
It all started with the Movie ' The Secret' which I saw in 2006 which introduced these words in my vocabulary initially. But I got interested in this subject as i was at that point of my life where if i continued the way I was, i was surely heading towards my emotional breakdown. Didn't know how to move forward in life, didn't have a purpose, was running on an Auto mode!!

This book gave me a ray of hope that I can turn around my life and with the power of Attraction i can manifest my dream life.

With more research n digging deep into the subject, not knowing exactly how it will work i simply started following 'Positivity' as my Mantra for Happiness to begin with. I realised i have been attracting my desires all my life since childhood without realising or knowing the Science behind it. But when i understood the 'Science', it was Life changing.
I learnt that one can change the brain activity and brain performance anytime in their life, turn around and have the desired life, through Nueroplasticity.

There is a scientific proof that suggests that Nuerological changes at cellular level start happening in our brain when we practice Positivity, Visualisation and Manifestation.

Our Phychology is directly related to Neurology, Infact our immuno system, our endocrinology our Phychology all are inter related. For example when we have some exam or interview or anything which makes us nervous we suddenly have butterflies in our stomach. Why does our stomach feels that? Its because all our systems are interconnected.

Now let's understand the Biology behind the Law of Attraction and our Power of Manifestation!

The fact is that only way to Manifest our Dream life is to Align our Manifestion Power to Law of Attraction. 

The reason many people swear the Law of Attraction doesn’t work is because they are missing the most important step in the manifesting process.
The Biology of the Law of Attraction
Manifestation is more than saying an affirmation; it is about becoming the vibratory frequency of that affirmation. 

The Law of attraction (LOA)
The LOA is a universal law that has been known for thousands of years. It was until 2006 that it began to become a mainstream term after The Secret book was released. 

Many see the LOA as if it’s a strange, new, or faulty law, but it is not. The LOA is not based on something out there; it is based on the energy you are emitting from your body based on the emotions you are feeling most of the time.

Every cell in your brain (neurons) receives information from your environment—the signals your senses receive, the thoughts you think, your imagination, intuition, and the foods you eat. Your brain is always assessing all the information it receives against stored information previously received.

Once the brain has assessed the information to see whether it is good or bad, it triggers an emotion. This emotion is a chemical and electrical signal matching the frequency of the assessment, which then travels through your nerves and bloodstream to the cells in the rest of your body.

When your cells receive the information sent by your brain, the cells in your body begin to match the new received information. Once the cells process that information, they begin to vibrate and emanate the frequency received. When more and more cells vibrate at that frequency, your entire body emanates that frequency outwardly. This energy emanation is your cells’ vibratory frequency (aka vibe).
This is how you become the frequency of what you pay attention to. And this is how your body and its biology become the foundation of everything you attract to you. You become the magnet, you see.

Why affirmations don’t work

Affirmations are the reason why many people say the LOA doesn’t work. When the LOA became popular many people begun affirming, decreeing, and asking for things they didn’t truly believe they could be, do, or have. And of course they don’t manifest anything.

The LOA is not about just voicing affirmations; it’s also about becoming them in frequency. Keep in mind that for your body to change its vibe sometimes require longer time for some things than for other things.

Just keep remembering that you have to become the frequency of your desires so you become the magnet that attracts them into your life experience. The next step now is to be clear and intentional on what you want to attract because you’re always attracting whether you realize it or not.
If there is something that you desire and it is not coming to you, it always means the same thing. You are not a vibrational match to your own desire." —Abraham Hicks

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