The Mango Tree Legacy

Echoes of Generations: The Mango tree legacy In the heart of Jaipur city, was my paternal house a huge mansion which we used to  call ' Brij Kuteer' after my Great grandfather's  Brij Mohan's name. Within the centre of my paternal home, was a magnificent mango tree which I proudly used to  call mine. Its branches stretched wide heavy with bearing fruits, its leaves whispered secrets in the wind, and beneath its shade, a tale of unity, love, and inspiration unfolded. In the warmth of a summer afternoon sometime in 1970s, the house brimmed with joyous laughter, the playful symphony of cousins, aunts, and uncles visiting during the cherished summer holidays. Our abode featured a grand courtyard at its core, encircled by numerous rooms, kitchens, and dining areas. Amidst this bustling haven, my mother tirelessly crafted meals to satiate the hunger of us rambunctious children. But it was the evenings that held a unique charm. The entire family gathered in the fre

Healing by most powerful Hawaiian Prayer Ho oponopono and Life Force Energy of Reiki

H o'oponopono? Have you ever heard of a Hawaiian prayer Ho'oponopono ?  It all started with therapist Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, along with what some people might call a miracle. Dr. Len is said to have miraculously aided patients with their recovery using the unique therapeutic method of Ho'oponopono Ever found yourself in need of a miracle? Some harmony? Inner peace?  Ho'oponopono, pronounced HO-oh-Po-no-Po-no, could be just what you need! Dr. Len is said to have moved through the wards repeating the simple  Ho oponopono mantra, healing the patients from within himself.  “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” How can this be? How can healing ourselves heal others in turn? How can what we do internally affect everything externally? Everything around us?  It’s key to know that in Ho'oponopono there is no “around us”, everything that happens to us in fact happens within our minds. That’s right, whatever you see, hear, experience, it all occur

Mindful Art of Healing- using Art as a tool

Mindful Art for Healing and Life Transformation Certification Course

Expressing feelings on canvas or paper when words fail using 'Mindful Art for Healing'! Course Curated by  Artist and Mindcoach Nandita Richie What is 'Mindful Art for Healing ' 1) ' Mindful Art for Healing ' is a Therapeutic Art Course, which has been created for people who are interested in therapeutic Art and the creative , either for self exploration and healing or for the purpose of working with other people to help support them in  self expression through Art, can improve our physical and mental health, as well as our emotional well being. * It helps us to manage our feelings in a new positive way. * Can give us the confidence to address and resolve issues from the past and present. * Increase self esteem and develop a greater self awareness. * Creating Art provides an outlet to express yourself freely, which will encourage and promote a healthier , happier life. * You don't need previous experience, and the course is suitable for everyone . Do you

Mindfulness practices.

What exactly is Mindfullness?? How do we become more Mindful?? How does being Mindful benefit us?  These are the questions asked by everyone as not many understand the importance of being Mindful! Recently I was invited as a Panelist by Club  'Have your Say' to speak on this topic, since I have been working on my Mindfulness, through my Art practices, and also been launching my own workshops and programs to teach the people around how to be a better and more productive human being by practicing Mindfulness. As I delved deeper into the subject I came across many practices for Mindfulness involving not just  Art, but Dance, Music, playing any instrument. Even eating, washing dishes, embroidery and much more can be mindful activities.Any activity you do while being present in the moment, helps you achieve mindfulness.  I realised that this concept is actually a very ancient practice which our Rishis Munnis have been doing since eternity!!  India is a vast S

Law of Attraction and Power of Manifestation

There is so much already talked about and written about Law of Attraction and Power of Manifestation that anything besides my own experience about the subject will be of no interest to anyone! But still with my experience and knowledge i have compiled some teachings i gathered from various authors. It all started with the Movie ' The Secret' which I saw in 2006 which introduced these words in my vocabulary initially. But I got interested in this subject as i was at that point of my life where if i continued the way I was, i was surely heading towards my emotional breakdown. Didn't know how to move forward in life, didn't have a purpose, was running on an Auto mode!! This book gave me a ray of hope that I can turn around my life and with the power of Attraction i can manifest my dream life. With more research n digging deep into the subject, not knowing exactly how it will work i simply started following 'Positivity' as my Mantra for Happiness to begi

Open Letter from Chanel for her Hooman family

Hello my hooman family!! I am in the heaven looking down at you remembering the good times we had! You brought me home a 3 week old pup in July 2011 and I loved you all instantly as if you were mine already! You played with me, fed me and loved me. We all did good together!  I hated when you went on holidays without me! I waited near the door till your return, not wanting to eat food or going for walks with the helpers!  I loved to take you out for walks and play with you in the park. Gini didi was so scared of dogs initially but I guess my cute little antics changed her heart and she loved me. She left home to pursue her education and I missed her everyday. She is like a mom to me! Always taking care of me. She once said that the best part of coming home was a welcome by Chanel! I loved whenever she visited! Mika di and neo kept me company. Neo was always