The Mango Tree Legacy

Echoes of Generations: The Mango tree legacy

In the heart of Jaipur city, was my paternal house a huge mansion which we used to  call ' Brij Kuteer' after my Great grandfather's  Brij Mohan's name.

Within the centre of my paternal home, was a magnificent mango tree which I proudly used to  call mine. Its branches stretched wide heavy with bearing fruits, its leaves whispered secrets in the wind, and beneath its shade, a tale of unity, love, and inspiration unfolded.

In the warmth of a summer afternoon sometime in 1970s, the house brimmed with joyous laughter, the playful symphony of cousins, aunts, and uncles visiting during the cherished summer holidays. Our abode featured a grand courtyard at its core, encircled by numerous rooms, kitchens, and dining areas. Amidst this bustling haven, my mother tirelessly crafted meals to satiate the hunger of us rambunctious children.

But it was the evenings that held a unique charm. The entire family gathered in the freshly cleaned courtyard, where the aroma of wet earth mingled with the joy of togetherness. In the heart of this gathering, a wooden throne known as "Takhat" held the matriarch of our clan, lovingly referred to as "Bauwa." With her regal presence, she bestowed upon us the bounty of the season's fruits — watermelons, melons, and, most cherished of all, mangoes. As our mothers and aunts brewed tea and prepared delectable snacks, we eagerly anticipated this shared feast, our hearts brimming with gratitude.

During one such gathering, as the golden mangoes disappeared into eager mouths and the seeds were carelessly discarded, my grandfather seized the opportunity to impart a lesson. With a twinkle in his eye, he guided our young minds to envision the journey of a mango seed — from its humble beginnings to the majestic tree it would become. Little did I know that this enchanting tale would plant a seed of its own within me, igniting a spark of curiosity and creativity.

With youthful enthusiasm, I scampered to a quiet corner of the courtyard, armed with a pocketful of dreams and a handful of mango seeds. With tender hands and unwavering hope, I sowed those seeds into the earth, like whispers of promises for the future. And, like magic, those seeds sprouted, giving birth to a vibrant mango tree that would go on to grace us with its bountiful harvest year after year.

Decades later, in the year 2020, as the world emerged from the shadows of a pandemic, a newspaper article paid tribute to the heroes who had faced adversity with unwavering courage. Among these valiant souls, my grandfather's name 'Dr Tara Shankar Mathur' shone brightly. After 37 years since his passing, his legacy was honored for his service during Plague epidemic in 1917 as other doctors presently who worked tirelessly for Covid 19. This revelation filled our hearts with pride, as we realized that his legacy extended far beyond our family, touching lives and leaving an indelible mark on the community.

On the 26th of August, a day marked by nostalgia and reverence, we commemorated the 40th anniversary of his passing. His teachings and presence continue to resonate, guiding me on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. The seed he had sown within me as a toddler had grown into a strong foundation, urging me to embrace my lineage and make a meaningful impact. Today, I walk a path illuminated by his wisdom, striving to offer guidance to those in need and nurturing the flame of spiritual growth.

As the seasons changed  and that Mango tree bore fruits  for many years , so too does the legacy of my grandfather flourish within me. Inspired by his devotion to community, I am driven to leave a legacy of my own — a testament to the enduring power of love, unity, and the seeds of inspiration that we plant in the hearts of generations yet to come.

( me standing in between my aunts showing off the mango  growing on my mango tree)

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