Open Letter from Chanel for her Hooman family

Hello my hooman family!!

I am in the heaven looking down at you remembering the good times we had! You brought me home a 3 week old pup in July 2011 and I loved you all instantly as if you were mine already!

You played with me, fed me and loved me. We all did good together! 

I hated when you went on holidays without me!
I waited near the door till your return, not wanting to eat food or going for walks with the helpers! 

I loved to take you out for walks and play with you in the park.

Gini didi was so scared of dogs initially but I guess my cute little antics changed her heart and she loved me. She left home to pursue her education and I missed her everyday. She is like a mom to me! Always taking care of me. She once said that the best part of coming home was a welcome by Chanel! I loved whenever she visited!Mika di and neo kept me company. Neo was always naughty and bullying but when did he grow up and became so compassionate and loving! I loved Mika di and her dance classes. She is so beautiful and looks lovely dancing. She cuddles and kisses me the most and I can forever watch her dance.

I loved posing with Mika didi in one of her shoots at home.

Mom and neo's music classes were my fav too! I found comfort sitting there just listening them play their instruments and Sir playing tabla! 
Music sir is so cute and I love him as he always patted me when he came.

Well, dad is most special!! I look forward to his return from work as his big warm pat makes me wanting for more! He sometimes do some funny poses on the mat in the morning and once he accidentally kicked me! I hate his mat!! Now I don't come near him when he is dancing and kicking on it!

He would sometimes pick me up in his arms like a baby! Someone has to tell him I am a lady now!

I love food cooked by mom! I want to be in the kitchen when she is cooking as she cooks on special occasions and special dishes! Her chimken stew is the best!

Mom takes me to the dog clinic which I hate the most ! I know that she wants me to get better. I see a tear in her eye whenever the doctor prick a needle in me!! I always hated the bath and grooming sessions there, but after that I got many more cuddles from my hooman family as I smelled good, so I sometimes didn't mind! 

Dadu is a gentleman! Though he doesn't pat or cuddle much but he is kind and gentle and he also feed me with goodies from his plate! I love sitting under his chair!

Nanu, nani are very special! They always come to take care of us kids when mom and dad are travelling. Nani always treated me with some sweets n snacks hiding it from mom as it was not allowed.
     Their presence is always a blessing.


Sometimes Mausi and kids also visited from UK and brought goodies for all of us and me too! I love the toys and leash she got for me!
My friends were sabziwala, grocerystore wala as they brought goodies, also driver bhaiya as he took me around in car and he also rode me with mom and neo to my final ride from this universe on 15th January 2022.

 But I hated the plumber, the electrician also the AC wala! They come with big black bags, don't know what they might steal and go, i barked my heart out on them..

I also hated when mika di would come home with some other dog smells ! Is having me not enough for her! I don't want her to kiss some other dog! I feel jealous! You are only mine, my 'Super girl' !!

We spent such good times together and it's time for me to go! I can see tears in your eyes and your sad faces. I could not even say good bye to gini didi as she is somewhere else and mika didi is hiding somewhere , they say she is quarantined! Why can't they come out of neo's phone from where I hear their voices and say their last good byes!
Mom and dad seems to be crying too!
I know it broke your heart Mom, but you still set my spirit free!! It must have been a tough decision for you! 

Love you Mom and Dad!

I can see, you are sad as you don't hear me bark when the door bell rings also when I am not there to greet you at the door when you come home after the long day. But please be brave ! Time heals everything and I promise, when you are called by God to heaven I will be waiting for you at the gate! Till than adieu!

Forever yours 

Chanel Richie

PS: This would be my last birthday on earth, 12th June 2021

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